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What Pillow plate exchangers are and how they work

Pillow plate heat exchangers represent an innovation in the field of heat exchangers, offering excellent thermodynamic performance at a competitive cost.

In this article, we will explore the distinctive features of these exchangers and how they work, analyzing the applications and advantages that make them an ideal choice in various industries.

What are Pillow Plate heat exchangers?

Pillow Plate heat exchangers are an advanced and highly efficient solution for heat transfer. This is why they are classified as innovative heat exchangers and are now used in a wide range of applications.

Pillow Plates consist of two metal plates welded together and inflated, creating channels through which fluid can flow and with a surface that resembles a pillow. Precisely manufactured, they can be produced in stainless steel, Ni-Cr alloy or titanium, offering flexibility in applications.

This unique design significantly increases the heat exchange area, improving the overall efficiency of the heat exchanger. Find out what a DAV Pillow heat exchanger looks like, click here.

But how do these innovative heat exchangers work?

How do DAV Pillow Plate heat exchangers work?

DAV Pillow Plate heat exchangers exploit the principle of heat transfer through conduction and radiation.

The primary fluid (gas, liquid, or vapour) passes through channels formed in the plates, transferring heat to the walls, which in turn transfer it to the fluid on the outside of the Pillow Plates.

The three-dimensional design of the Pillow Plates (or PPHE) also provides significant advantages:

  • Ease of cleaning
    They are characterized by extreme ease of cleaning, helping to significantly reduce maintenance costs. Unlike other types of heat exchangers, such as tube bundle heat exchangers, PPHE prevents the formation of dust, ash or scale deposits, eliminating or drastically reducing mechanical cleaning procedures. They are suitable for fluids with abrasive powders and even sand, grains and general bulk solids.
  • High reliability and flexibility
    Laser welding using CNC machines provides the best mechanical stability, reducing thermally altered areas and increasing corrosion resistance. If required, a perimeter (lap-joint) sealing weld is also applied. By welding ‘in transparency’, it is possible to create pillow plates in which one of the two plates is thicker and remains flat after inflation.
  • High heat transfer coefficient
    The wavy conformation of the plates plays a crucial role in thermodynamic performance by ensuring turbulent fluid movement. Diameters and positions of the welded spot and internal channels are a function of the fluid dynamics required to optimise heat exchange and pressure drops. The possibility of using different cross-sectional areas makes it possible to reduce the heat exchange surface area in PPHEs compared to other types of heat exchangers under the same application conditions.
  • Flexibility of use
    In virtue of their design, Pillow Plates can be shaped, folded and calendared, taking a variety of forms for use as heating or cooling jackets in different areas. Such as for reactors, ducts, machinery, tanks and much more.

Heat exchangers DAV COIL

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Innovation and reliability with DAV COIL

DAV Pillow Plate heat exchangers represent a step forward in optimising heat transfer processes.

Thanks to the advanced design and the use of high-quality materials, they offer reliable and durable solutions for special industrial needs.

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